Data Abstraction in Hindi and English

Data Abstraction

Data Abstraction   This blog will tell you about Data Abstraction in Hindi and English.Which is a concept of the oops(Object-oriented paradigm).Scroll down for Hindi translation 😉   Data Abstraction in English Abstraction is the mechanism by which we hide data that is not required by the user. The advantage of abstraction is that the […]

Array in Hindi and English

Array in Hindi and English

Array   This Blog/article will tell you about Array in Hindi and English.This blog/article will tell you all description with example and syntax and types.scroll down for Array in Hindi. Definition/explanation in English An Array is a collection of data storage locations.Each of which holds the same type of data . But the question why we […]

What is Virus and its Type of Commands.

  VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Seize.     Introduction Although the roots of the computers virus data back as early as 1949 . When the Hungarian scientist John von  Neumann published the theory of self reproducing automata the first known computers virus.  appeared in 1971 and was duded the “creeper” virus. The computers virus […]

variable in hindi

What is variable in Hindi/English

VARIABLES Explanation and description in ENGLISH Programming languages provide us containers or placeholder to store data within a program.These containers are called variable since the value stored in them can be changed during the course of execution a program.To define a variable in Program ,user need to use the combination of data type and identifier. […]

Awesome CMD Commands you never believe exist

We all have used CMD ones.If not so at least we are familiar with the terms of CMD(command prompt) and DOS.Now we will see some Awesome CMD Commands you never believe exist. Awesome CMD Commands you never belive exist.   WIFI HOT SPOT WITH CMD 😉 If you can create a WiFi hotspot on your windows […]

Official Programming language for android is Kotlin

Yesturday Google on it`s I/O developer`s conference ,has announded Kotlin as the offical language for andoid.Kotlin can be use along with c++ and java as well.Google said that ,Kotin is brilliantly designed, mature language and it will make Android development faster and more fun.                        […]