Short History of Linux and Unix in Hindi and English

 History of Unix and Linux   Short history of Unix The Unix operating system was conceived and implemented by ken Thompson and Dennis Richie at AT&T Bell laboratories in 1969 and first released in 1970. 1973 Rewrite Unix With C .     In  1983 Richard Stallman started the GNU project with the goal of […]

विंडोज पर Live Kali Linux USB Drive कैसे Install करे Hindi

आपको किन चीज़ों की ज़रूरत है:- 1 आप को Kali Linux की लेटेस्ट इमेज फाइल download करनी पड़ेगी. उसे download kr ne k लीये इस लिंकी पर click करिये 2 अगर आप विंडोज यूज़ कर रहे है तो आप को Win32 Disk Imager भी डाउनलोड करना होगा. iss link pr click kr ke download kr le […]

Free and Open Source Software

10 Best Free and Open Source Software : 2017

This blog will tell you information about Free and Open Source Software.That you can download right now without any issue. 10 Best Free and Open Source Software : 2017 Free and Open Source Software 1. Atom Editor Atom is a free and open-source text and source code editor for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows with support […]