Class in java/Oops

Class in java(OOps)

Class in java   This blog will tell you about Class in java/Oops.The concept of Oops(object oriented paradigm).This post will tell you about the topic in Hindi and English Class in java/Oops(In English)                                      In java every small […]

Online Earning

Online Earning Select Your Own Way

Online Earning- Describing all different ways with positive and negative way.Explained from beginning to end on the topic .End of all confusion.     PTC If you ever tried to find out online earning methods .You will get to know that what is PTC(Paid To Click).These are the sites of applications , which pays you […]

Introduction C programming language Hindi

Introduction C programming language in Hindi and English

This post will tell you the basic Introduction C programming language Hindi language as well as in the English language.For english scroll down. Explanation in English C programming language was created by – Dennis Ritchie C programming language was created in  – 1972 C programming language was created after – B programming language     […]

Rich People Use internet

How Rich People Use Internet And For Which Purpose (Top 5)

We all use internet in our daily life. But if you think that internet everything you see on internet is used by Rich people also .Then you are wrong .Rich people use the internet in different way.This Blog got information how Rich people use the internet and for which purpose.As compared to common man or […]

Cool Tech Under Rupees 1000

Top 10 Cool Tech Under Rupees 1000(15$)

There are many good gadgets in our world today, many are very expensive and many are very cheap. But we have got very good and cheap gadgets for you today.So,This blog will tell you Cool Tech Under Rupees 1000 (15$). 1. Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive- 32 GB Quickly and easily transfer your files between OTG-enabled AndroidTM […]

Unknown facts about Tech that can make your life easier

This blog / article will tell you about Unknown facts about Tech in hindi. This blog/ article will tell you about Unknown facts about Tech in hindi.. Scroll down for hindi translation. Accidentally closes a word file without saving .asd into file explorer under “my/this PC”. The document will be there. Window has your back. […]