Class in java/Oops

Class in java(OOps)

Class in java   This blog will tell you about Class in java/Oops.The concept of Oops(object oriented paradigm).This post will tell you about the topic in Hindi and English Class in java/Oops(In English)                                      In java every small […]

Array in Hindi and English

Array in Hindi and English

Array   This Blog/article will tell you about Array in Hindi and English.This blog/article will tell you all description with example and syntax and types.scroll down for Array in Hindi. Definition/explanation in English An Array is a collection of data storage locations.Each of which holds the same type of data . But the question why we […]

variable in hindi

What is variable in Hindi/English

VARIABLES Explanation and description in ENGLISH Programming languages provide us containers or placeholder to store data within a program.These containers are called variable since the value stored in them can be changed during the course of execution a program.To define a variable in Program ,user need to use the combination of data type and identifier. […]