VPS “visual positioning service”

 VPS “visual positioning service”


At I/O ,Google has announced that it is working on a new service to offer detailed indoor location positioning using Google`s ‘Tango 3D’ sensing computer vision technology.
“One thing we’ve seen clearly is that AR is most powerful when it’s tightly coupled to the real world, and the more precisely the better,”said Clay Bavor(Project Manager). “That’s why we’ve been working with the Google Maps team on a service that can give devices access to very precise location information indoors.”
Bavor(Project Manager) explained the features as “kind of like GPS” but rather of talking to satellites. Which is not nessary viable given indoor reception issues —

the cameras on a Tango device triangulate position based on “distinct visual features in the environment”.

“We think it’s going to be incredibly useful in a whole bunch of places,” he said.
Google’s name for the tech is “visual positioning service” — or VPS.

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